The new default realism

The new default realism

Realistico is the new default realism texture pack for Minecraft.
Designed with obsessive attention to detail, Realistico is changing how we see Minecraft.

High resolution

512x textures, pixel-perfect, hyper-realistic yet extremely simple, and always updated.
Realistico brings high quality textures, realistic shadows and missing details while keeping the original Minecraft feel in all its beauty.

Advanced mapping

The hand-crafted advanced mapping* guarantees an exclusive and immersive gaming experience for an unbelievable Virtual Reality.
Realistico will change the way you play Minecraft, with coming features like Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Phisically Based Rendering.



Realistico comes in two flavors

Lite and full

Choose your favorite one

Lite Full
256x textures 512x textures
blocks only full featured
normal maps normal maps
specular maps specular maps
parallax occlusion
mcpatcher support
lifetime updates
ad-supported ad-free
free €2,99
download download


A response to some questions and complains:
You might not think about it, but doing what I am doing is not free.
The hardware, software, hosting, internet, electricity and knowledge needed to make this pack are not free.
And time is not free, too.
By donating for the Full pack, you are directly supporting this project and part of the costs that come with it. Thank you.

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