Help Center

step 0 Take a look at the FAQ.

There's a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of the page. If you have a problem, it's probably answered there.

step 1 Follow the instructions.

First of all, follow the step by step tutorial.

step 2 Common issues.

The "composite2" error

This is a shaderpack related problem. First, make sure you're using the GPU. If this doesn't help, try the following.
1. Open the shaderpack folder and find the composite2.fsh file
2. Open the composite2.fsh file with some code editor (the default Notepad is enough)
3. Look for "ComputeFakeReflection" and change the value from "in" to "inout", then save
If this doesn't help, ask to the shaderpack team for help.

Common loading errors

It means that your computer can't handle the pack.
Try to optimize the game with Optifine, and give Minecraft more RAM.

You need to use the NON-PBR version of the shaderpack.
Also make sure the game is using the right version of Java (32 or 64 bits accordingly to the system).

How to add RAM to the game

1. Open the launcher and head to "Launch options"
2. Enable "Advanced settings" and then open your profile
3. Enable "JVM Arguments" and replace everything with -Xmx3G
Now, replace the 3 accordingly to the amount of RAM present in your system. For example, if you have 4GB, use 3G. If you have 8GB, use 6GB. If you have 16GB or more, 8GB are enough.

step 3 Optimize.

Optimize screen resolution

Your screen resolution plays a major part in performances.
The higher the resolution, the lower the framerate.
Playing at 4K will give you less performance than playing at 1080p.

Brief explanation: every pixel on your screen needs computation. More pixels require more computation. That's what your video card (aka GPU) does: it calculates what every pixel looks like on your screen (hence the "video"). By decreasing the resolution, you decrease the number of pixels the GPU needs to calculate, and framerate increases.

If you're getting FPS under 60, try to play at a lower resolution. For example, don't set Minecraft to fullscreen: instead, play in a window and set its resolution before launching the game in the launcher settings.

Use the GPU

To get the best performance on your laptop, run the game with the GPU:

step 4 Contact the support.

If the above steps don't fix your problem, you can contact the support.

FAQ payments

Hey, you changed the store, how do I download the pack if I already purchased it?

Here's how it works:

If you lost the email with the link, send me your email address through the support email.

I don't have PayPal or a credit card. Can I pay you otherwise?

Payments are managed by the store and I can't add other methods.

How do I convert my currency into euros?

Currency conversion is handled by the payment processor system, you don't need to to anything.

FAQ downloads

The texture pack is detected as a malware, what did you do?

Sometimes, the browser blocks downloads from websites containing potentially harmful ads.
Most of the time, that's great. But sometimes, this happens to intentional downloads.

So, how do you know if you're downloading Realistico?
As soon as the downloaded file is named "", then you're safe.
The xx stand for versions, which may change over time.

If you get some .exe file, delete it immediatly, it's not something I made.

I lost the download link.

Use the support email to send me a short email with your email address.

I inserted the wrong email for the download!

Step one, make a second order with the correct email address.
Step two, send me an email specifing the wrong and the right email addresses.
Step three, you'll receive a refund for the wrong order.

FAQ shader packs

Which shader pack do I need?

The one linked in the tutorial.

Can I use a different shader pack other than the one you suggest?

If you want to achieve the results you see in the screenshots, you need the use the shader pack linked in the tutorial. Different shader packs read mapping differently.
If you prefer a different look, that's up to you: feel free to experiment.

FAQ installation

Where do I put the packs?

In the texture and the shader pack folders. You can access them by using the dedicated button.

The pack is marked as incompatible, how do I load it?

Load it by skipping the message as show in the tutorial.

FAQ issues

The texture pack doesn't load in the game.

Most of the times it's a RAM problem. Add more RAM

All the blocks are white and green.

Add more RAM. I explain how to do so in the appropriate section above.

Some blocks turn black or blue.

You need the NON PBR or the turn off PBR, also use the latest version of the shader pack.

The blocks are divided by some strange lines.

Make sure you set the texture pack resolution in the shader settings accordingly.

The mapping looks too deep / too flat, how do I control its depth?

Use the POM_Depth setting to change it to your desire.

The mapping looks quite flat indoor and at night.

That's an issue with how the shaders mod reads mapping through light sources. Light sources like torches or glowstone and fire are not used to calculate mapping, only the sun and the moon. That's why the mapping doesn't work well indoor or at night. That's something I can0t control.

FAQ use

Can I use your pack in a video?

Of course yes. Make sure you use the following credits:
"Realistico texture pack by Matteo Rizzo,".

Can I make commercial use of what you have done?

Do not make commercial use of anything I've made without my permission.

FAQ compatibility

Is Realistico compatible with not-so-powerful machines?

Probably not. Use it at your own risk.

Can you make a mobile version of the pack?

Nope. It would be so heavy that phones couldn't be able to run it.

FAQ general questions

How do I log in?

No need to log in, just use the email you received.
If you made an account for the store, you don't really need it in order to download the pack.
Unless you use the store frequently for other products and you want to keep track of all the products you downloaded.

Is it compatible with other mods?

Yes, just like any other texture pack.

Will you add graphical support for mods?

Nope, my priority is to complete the pack.

Will you add items and other minor stuff?

Items won't be added: they are displayed so small you wouldn't even notice the difference while playing.

Are future updates included?

Yes, unless you broke the Terms.

How do I know when an update is released?

Updates are sent to your email automatically.

With which version is compatible?

My texture packs are compatible up to the latest release.